I remember at a young age when my NalÍ would visit us from the Navajo Reservation. She always brought the jewelry she made and planned to sell. It instilled in me a love for jewelry at a young age. I started beading friendship bracelets, then knotted bracelets made of thread. I didn’t know that many years later, in my early twenty’s, I would pick up a torch for the first time and graduate to silver-smithing.

Primarily self-taught, I remember the initial class I took that got me hooked. I went home that day and ordered all the equipment I would need and started my journey. Since then I’ve developed a skill for doing my own lapidary work, which has given me the freedom for creativity in my jewelry.

I've now been practicing my craft for over a decade, trying to hone in on a personal style while paying an homage to my Diné heritage. I find inspiration with not only traditional Navajo patterns and motifs in pottery, woven rugs, and stories, but the landscape and beauty of Dinétah.

I've found a solace in this craft with long days and nights to get me here. I take pride in the work and craftsmanship that goes into each piece of jewelry that I make. I hope that the love and dedication reflects to whomever owns a piece of Taveen.